Chamber System

Energy consumption management

◆The insulation panel of the whole machine is made of 150 thick high density heat insulating material, it keeps the heat loss at the lowest state.

◆Careful sealing of all connection positions

◆The total height of the chamber is 1600mm, special disign for energy saving,lowest heat loss and meet all process requirements.

◆Air locks at the fabric entry and exit openings

◆Configurable side ventiating damper to prevent the cloth from generating wind hole prints at the surface

◆Bypass flaps are used to prevent marks on fabrics whlle the machine is stop.

◆Internal or extermal exhaust pipe

Mechanical and electrical equipment

◆All drive elements are located outside the heated chamber and are

accessible from the outside

◆No lubrication points in the chamber to avoid ifterent faults for the

poor lubricating management

◆Drive elements of maintenance-free design

Heat options



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