The Environment Friendly Exhaust System

Adopt integrated design, with ittle space, but neat and beautiful. The through- type structure design, with low wind resistance and smooth exhaust. The temperature in the air duct is consistent with that in the chamber, effectively avoid oil drop, and equipped with insulation layer, little thermal radiation to the workshop. The air duct can be disassembled independently, and the cleaning and maintenance is convenient.

◆The heat recovery system is high heat efficiency, and saves about 20%- :30% energy after fresh air enter into the chamber via this heat recovery system.

◆The heated fresh air prevents oil drpping due to the big temperature difference in the chamber.

◆The design of exhaust duct is energy saving, improves the fabric feelings and keep the chamber humidity at the best state.

◆Saces energy and improve efficiency about 2%- 3%(depending on the production)

◆Both exhaust fan and supplement fan are variable-frequency control

◆Box design occupies Ittle space

◆Integrated heat exchanger can be dismantled for dleaning and maintainance.

◆Reduce the thermal radiation and the ambient temperature in the workshop.



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